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SmartLiberty SA is the leader for mobile, digital security and communication systems in the fiel of long-term care. Through our commitment, we improve the quality of life of dependent people and relieve the care staff in their daily tasks. We simplify the use of modern technology and implement it in an ethical and humane way.


We are close to our customers throughout Switzerland. Thanks to this proximity, our solution was developed with the help of the nursing staff, SmartLiberty is simple to use, highly secure and of Swiss quality.


By putting people at the centre, SmartLiberty contributes to improving the quality of life of the residents of your institution and enables your staff to work efficiently.


SmartLiberty is also a multilingual team of 50 motivated employees, an R&D centre in Switzerland, production in Europe, a network of partners in Switzerland and Europe and 24/7 support.

The motica digital platform combines in a modular and simple system, mobile nurse call, wanderer management, assistance call, unified communication and much more. The system is integrated with many specialised applications, such as access control, fire detection, care records and more.


SmartLiberty is the most complete solution on the market. Designed with the help of nurses, the highly secure digital platform is easy to use and of Swiss quality. The objective is to be able to offer more time for care, by transmitting the right information in real time to the right people.


SmartLiberty contributes to improving the quality of life of your resident and enables your nursing staff to work efficiently


What are the project Steps?

Introduction to Smart Liberty

SmartLiberty App 2.0